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Discounted products

Stanobolic Inj AP  
47.11 USD
Product details
2x Stanobolic Inj AP -5% 44.76 USD
3x Stanobolic Inj AP -7% 43.82 USD
10x Stanobolic Inj AP -10% 42.40 USD
Stanobolic Injection is very popular anabolic steroid and is a derivative of DHT.
Stanabol Inj BD  
47.11 USD
Product details
2x Stanabol Inj BD -5% 44.76 USD
3x Stanabol Inj BD -7% 43.82 USD
10x Stanabol Inj BD -10% 42.40 USD
Winstrol is known by the chemical name Stanozolol. It is an alkylated compound with properties of the class II anabolic steroid family.
51.30 USD
Product details
2x Andriol -5% 48.74 USD
3x Andriol -7% 47.71 USD
Andriol is an oral testosterone in a form of capsules.
Oxanabolic Tablets AP  
99.46 USD
Product details
2x Oxanabolic Tablets AP -5% 94.49 USD
3x Oxanabolic Tablets AP -7% 92.50 USD
Anavar belongs to the group of medicines known as anabolic steroids.
33.50 USD
Product details
2x Diazepam -5% 31.83 USD
4x Diazepam -10% 30.15 USD
Diazepam is used for: The management of anxiety disorders. It may also be used to treat agitation, shakiness, and hallucinations during alcohol withdrawal and to relieve certain types of muscle pain and other disorders as determined by your doctor.
Methanabolic Tablets AP  
47.11 USD
Product details
2x Methanabolic Tablets AP -5% 44.76 USD
3x Methanabolic Tablets AP -7% 43.82 USD
Methanabolic Tablets (Dianabol) is a testosterone (or anabolic) steroid with a 17 alpha alkylated group attached.
Cytomel T4  
25.13 USD
Product details
2x Cytomel T4 -5% 23.87 USD
Synthroid T4 (Synthroid; generic name Levothyroxine Sodium) from Unipharma is used for treating low thyroid activity and treating or suppressing different types of goiters.
25.13 USD
Product details
4x Clenbuterol -10% 22.62 USD
10x Clenbuterol -15% 21.36 USD
Clenbuterol is approved for use as a bronchodilator for asthma patients.
Stanabol Tablets BD  
47.11 USD
Product details
2x Stanabol Tablets BD -5% 44.76 USD
3x Stanabol Tablets BD -7% 43.82 USD
4x Stanabol Tablets BD -10% 42.40 USD
Winstrol is known by the chemical name Stanozolol. It is an alkylated compound with properties of the class II anabolic steroid family.
Trenabol Inj BD  
78.52 USD
Product details
2x Trenabol Inj BD -5% 74.60 USD
3x Trenabol Inj BD -7% 73.03 USD
4x Trenabol Inj BD -10% 70.67 USD
Trenbolone Acetate trenabol is used to promote weight gain following extensive surgery, chronic infection, or severe trauma, and in also other cases that result in inadequate weight gain.
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